DSC_2235Alice Neary recently found her new home in the Central Coast at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Here she is working towards a degree in Public Relations and enjoys exploring the surrounding areas hiking, beaches, and eatery’s.

Raised by Midwesterners in Westlake Village, a cliché SoCal suburb, Alice’s outlook on life is skewed from the average valley girl’s. She enjoys the creative energy of the city, the simplicity of the cornfields, and casual beach communities.

Since she was in elementary school she has been deemed an “old soul.” With an unusual combination of sarcasm and optimism, Alice has a way of making those around her feel supported and excited about life.

Alice strives to find meaning in her adolescent life by pushing herself outside her comfort zone. She self financed two trips to Europe before she turned 20, jumps on every weekend escapade opportunity, and spends hours researching funky foods on Yelp.

One day Alice hopes to open her own “locals favorite” deli n sweets shop. Until then, her spontaneity will lead her to new inspiration – whether it be across the globe or in a new restaurant down the road.

Contact her by:

email at alicemneary@yahoo.com






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