Paso Robles’ Tin City: a Little Something for Everybody

Paso Robles has seen a huge increase in the alcohol making industry over the past years. Because of the fertile land and moderate climate, the region is ideal growing conditions of base alcohol crops.

A haven for all creative beverage consumers can be found in Paso Robles right off the 101. Industrial buildings line the countryside road, each housing it’s own unique business. Wine tastings, a craft brewery, distillery, and other funky shops are open for visitor exploration.

Friendly camaraderie between businesses encourage guests to pop in places they may otherwise pass by.  A few options for those looking to explore include:

Taking a tour, taste a few brews, and play some corn hole by a large rock waterfall at Barrel House Brewing Co. They have a sweet set up including a drive up opening for gourmet food truck’s to serve some pairings up.

Original Photo by Alice Neary

Smellin n swirlin few different wines over at Nicora Wines.

Or.. if you’re looking to check out something a little stronger, head across the street to Wine Shine to taste some craft spirits. Make sure to check out our feature on them: Paso Robles’ Spirit: Distilling and Tasting.

Original Photo by Alice Neary





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